If you’re looking for authentic Thai cuisine that’s not watered down; an exciting wine cellar, a large range of craft beers and award-winning and friendly service, you’ve come to the right place!

Stir fried pork belly, Taster plate and Lao curry, Kin khao Thai restaurant, 1 Abbey Street, Athlone, Co Westmeath.

We are passionate about our food and we’re always experimenting with new flavours and recipes from all over Thailand. Along with the beautiful curries and stir fries that have made Thai cuisine so popular and beloved, we cook dishes that would normally only be at home in the street stalls and night markets of every village in Thailand.

Sample dishes from the Far North with their strong Lao and Burmese influences. Pit your senses against the fiery salads and curries of Isaan in the North East. Savour the creamy coconut curries popular down South with their strong Muslim and Indian flavours.

You’ll find many dishes on our menu that come from the hometowns and villages of our staff. Some are family recipes that have been passed down through the generations. Others started life as humble staff food and we all fell in love with them.

The Kin Khao Way

We cook only authentic Thai food. We don’t dumb it down in any way. We don’t add starches to thicken, MSG to enhance or colours to tart it up.

And the critics seem to like it!

Nearly everything on the menu is Irish. Obviously being a Thai restaurant there are some things that are bought a little farther afield. But all of our meat, poultry and seafood’s Irish.

Kin Khao Thai restaurant “The best Thai food in Ireland!”

Kin Khao Thai restaurant “The best Thai food in Ireland!”

In fact in every area of our little restaurant we try to source and support our local community first. We source local suppliers for whatever service we’re looking for. Even our web designer is a local!

What this means is that our small contribution in wages to bill paying is circulating locally and in that wonderful Buddhist way it eventually finds its way back to Kin Khao Thai in takeouts, lunches and dinners!!

We are looking forward to hearing from you. And always, always!! We appreciate your business and support.