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18 years ago we broke the rules by cooking Thai food as it should be. Kin Khao Thai set
the standard for Thai food in Ireland. Now is the time to throw away the rule book once
again by introducing Isaan Thai to our new menu.

At home we enjoy food from all over Thailand. Our chefs are a tight team hailing from
every region of Thailand.When we cook together, Isaan is the food of choice. It’s also the
fastest growing regional Thai cuisine in Bangkok, New York, and Sydney.

Isaan is a region in the North East of Thailand where the food is like no other. It’s both a
joy and a challenge to eat. It’s gutsy, fermented and fiery. Each of our chefs has their own
passed down family recipe or favourite comfort food from their home town. We cook,
eat, and argue over dish before it makes it to our menu!

We hope you enjoy this journey into our Kin Khao Thai world